R32 GTR Fluid Levels and Oil Levels

Gtr Fluid Levels

The Oils I have selected are for Australian climate and for durability in racing








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GTR Skyline Driving Technique

This is my Driving Technique for the R32 Nissan Skyline

I will give you considerations and examples on how to drive this japanese supercar
You must consider the fact that we do have different driving styles from people to people , my brother and I lap a race track in about the same time but when you sit in the car with us both, you will see we both drive very differently yet arrive at the same destination together.

The Nissan R32 GTR is an enjoyable aggressive beast leaping from corner to corner on uphill climbs , being overpowered by the uphill slope and horsepower .

This was seen when I set the Huntley Hillclimb class record at my first attempt , i remember the lady in the site office down at the start line asking me if i had been up the mountain before . I had not been here before and she said i had missed the bus up the hill to see where the track went.She advised I take it easy the first time up , wishful thinking I guess .

The start at Huntley hill climb is so steep the starter guy puts like a modified broom at you back wheel to stop the car on the line so you can build the revs and drop the clutch without touching the brake.

Ok ready to go , I launch at 7500 rpm and lightly smoke all four wheels as the traction control system claws at the bitumen , I set the car up for the left hander uphill very very steep , I go in high right a little deeper than a normal rear wheel drive vehicle and turn into a late apex , this allows for the four wheel steer to tuck the R32 into a late apex.

This is a tip , stay wide and deep into a corner and turn for a late deep apex as the car will come back into the corner , no problems.

I guess this is why the race car Skyline GTR disconnect the Hicas four wheel steering as it can feel a little unstable when driving aggressively but if you go for a smooth turn in off a late entry you can be smooth and fast even on a race track,sometimes when you go to fast into the corner it will turn the rear wheels out so the front can turn in and get you through the corner a bit sideways on entry but you do make the corner.

The best way is not to induce a slide on entry but wait till your apex speed is that high that you slide through the corners apex on throttle , you can nail the throttle to the floor from the apex on 99 percent of the time as the four wheel drive kicks in with the hydraulic torque split transfer case locking up

Back to my Huntley hill climb ,as i get through the left hand bend I get sideways at the top of second gear ,changing into third gear I get more out of shape weaving left to right up hill but not loosing much time as GTRs hustle real fast even when they are battling for traction.A quick right and left and over the line . Done .

That day I did 3 runs and set the SV record on the last run I had before I lined up for my 4th run hearing a slap ,slap ,slap noise from the engine

I undid the top off the timing covers and the timing belt was chopped down to half its size from a bolt loosening off down low inside the timing case area , lucky I guess one more run and the timing belt would have shredded all the way

Tow truck again from Huntley to home $$$$$

I now loctite all bolts inside the timing case area and also run a high tensile bolt on the tensioners as I had one snap before as well.

Remember a smooth steering approach is best with a late turn in , stay high and wide on a corner as long as you can and full throttle exits , when you are sideways dont over react , correct the opposite lock to half of what your instinct tells you to do.


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GTR Suspension Setup

My GTR Suspension Setup

I will explain my suspension modifications and why learning to drive a R32 Skyline GTR is more important than trying to modify the ATTESA system or stuffing around with front to rear torque bias splits.

I have a ATTKD torque splitter installed as the more horsepower you put into the R32 the more the car oversteers so I needed to get the front diff to react faster to keep the car straighter instead of getting sideways on exit of all corners the front in much tighter now

Getting to know HICAS four wheel steering is also a major driving consideration , in some racing setups this feature is often disconnected in order to give the rear end of the GTR some steering stability .

I currently use a Bilstien shock absorber with a slightly heavier than standard spring , these are NOT coil overs like all people believe you need . The Bilstien struts I have look like a standard GTR strut just painted in yellow with a clip on the bottom spring plate to lower the car ride height by 15mm. The car sits nice and low now and I only have a choice of one suspension setting.

How can I happy with one suspension setting? All my fast cars in the past have run Bilstien suspension and the amount of control they give my car over the road is fantastic. I chose not to run coil over struts as I didn’t need to adjust my ride height as the standard GTR settings are very close to perfect but the car just sat a bit too high, but not anymore.

I have found after driving a couple friends Nissan skyline GTR’s that the off the shelf coil overs are sprung too hard and when cornering  hard and you hit a bump mid corner they allow the car to skip across the road offering little control over the hard bouncing spring . When travelling between 100 km / hr and 200 km/hr through fast sweeping turns the slightly harder than standard springs allow the car to almost leave the ground over a bump but when the car lands it lands solidly and doesn’t bounce.

The GTR skyline reminds me of my 400hp rear wheel drive GT Falcon but with a twist, when the rear end steps out the GTRs front wheel drive is ready to catch you. When the GTR goes into four wheel drive its as if the two front wheels are pulling the front of the car straight. I have a Quaife front diff installed which acts like an open diff when there is no load on it ,then when you start to accelerate the gears inside the diff transfer torque to the wheel with the most  traction until both wheels are receiving maximum torque then both wheels spin together like an LSD diff would.

I installed those yellow neoprene bushes on the rear suspension cradle to make the rear end a bit more solid in feel

yellow cradle bush

I installed Whiteline front and rear sway bars but had to replace the thick rear sway bar of whitelines back to the standard sway bar as the rear end was too tight and the car was oversteering easier ,even on back off into a corner , but the front was a worthwhile handling improvement . If the rear doesnt roll and transfer weight it will just slide , not good if its too much and not balanced.

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RB26 Engine Modifications

RB26 Engine Modifications – GTR Engine build up number 4

New  R33 GTR crankshaft with the larger front on the crankshaft for the new JUN oil pump , what a nice billet unit this is with larger gears

I recommend using this JUN oil pump and not the N1 oil pump

This is the last rebore of the block and fitted in new CP piston and rings

600cc injectors as the standards are running out of flow

Head remains lightly match ported , with copper “o”ring gasket

So the build is nothing special by GTR standards , I want 300kw at the back wheels with reliability.

Back on the dyno , the Skyline engine sounds sweet but those bloody twin 400hp turbos just cant boost over 22psi , what the hell happened to my guaranteed 30psi.Roller bearing turbos seem to be stuggling which is really annoying because what we did was lower the compression of the engine to compensate for the 30psi I was going to stuff down its neck . So I lowered the engine compression which lost me low down power and midrange but the top end only went to 22psi , yes my R32 Skyline GTR  went hard up top but lacked the snap off the line that the standard RB26 gave me.

Yes I was dissappointed after spending all this money so far but if I get some reliability this time maybe I will accept the compromise in the low and midrange power as the top end was fun

What amuses me sometimes is guys on big motor bikes who think they can kick my GTR skylines ass in corners .I run 255/40/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE55s and have high levels of grip.I will dedicate a future post to one of my many bike against GTR races .

Well back to the engine I had the GTR going for about 1000kms and after giving it too it for a few hundred kms now , I hear this banging in the cylinder head . It was like a bolt stuck in the combustion chamber .So I turned off the engine , towed the car home and off with the cylinder head .The valve guide that protuded into the ports broke off and was banging on top of the valve .The head was then pulled apart so all the guides were chopped off where they came out into the ports . The engine builder informed me that the spring tensions are loose and i need new valve springs , how can they when I replaced them 1500kms ago . Well just replace the valve springs and get on with it.

Engine back together again and it goes well ,time to go racing

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RB26 Engine Specifications

Engine build number 3

This time I will look at building the standard gtr engine into something a bit more durable for the track , I didnt get it right this time either . Read on for another list of engine failure . Every engine build of the mighty RB26 Engine has been chasing my ass trying to eliminate each problem as we see it and solve future engine problems.

I spun the big end engine bearings on the track ,so I kept the Forged Pistons and rings from the last build.
I send my sump to Hi Octane for a new 10 litre sump extension , nice job .We put in a new fitting on the front drivers side of the sump to drain the oil back from the new alloy engine oil catch can that grabs the oil from the rocker cover blow-by.Fitted an alloy drain back from the back of the head back to the sump.Fitted an N1 oil pump for good measure .
I have a nice adapter put on where the oil filter is to allow two braided lines to feed an oil cooler tucked under the right front guard just next to the new quiet blow off valve replacing the twin factory unit.

Oil Return

I get a nice set of billet conrods ,now back then it was still common practice to use a copper head gasket with “o” rings to hold the compression in.
The engine gets all bolted together , not a bad engine combination . I run the engine in for 300kms then go to Adam at Just Engine Management for a tune , he said to me it has got a bit of blow-by , the engine was breathing heavy through the oil catch can.
The engine was battling to get 290kw at 22psi boost and breathing heavy , not impressed ,Adam done the right engine tune but I expected more from my Nissan RB26 engine specifications
I thought I will drive the engine setup as it was , it still had good full throttle power.With barely 450kms on the new engine build I was giving it to the Skyline 8400rpm in second ,clicked into third and then the new low pressure oil warning light I had fitted for safety shone bright red , shit , no oil pressure.
I was stranded on the side of the highway again , tow truck home again.
This time the N1 oil pump shattered in half on the thin snout of the crank and while the engine was out the Aries pistons and rings where not compatible with the japanese engine block metal .So the next engine buildup will include cp forged pistons and cp rings off Quantum in Queensland , very important you do this too .Quality is important with piston and rings .

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RB26 Engine Build Number 2

I remember saying in the last post , know what you want in an engine build .

I knew what I wanted , nothing more than 300kw at the wheels

The new skyline engine buildup would consist of new forged pistons and rings , new bearings , rebore the old engine block , deck the head , a little match porting of the head, just a freshen up thats all .

The R32 airflow meters where blown from the water getting into them from my blown radiator from the last blow up .

The reason the water got in was because I took the standard airbox out and put some nice engine bay pod filters in , hey they looked nice but cost me when all the radiator coolant went all over them.

No airflow meters so lets put in a Haltech E11 Version 2 with a map sensor

The fresh Nissan engine is put into the R32 GTR Skyline ,we get the Haltech tuned by the local dynotune centre after I run the engine in for 500kms , the tune is done.

Wakefield park raceway here I come , I was circling the track in the 1 minute 8 second range and the GTR Godzilla had nice top end power but on the drive down to Goulburn had I to change from fifth gear down to fourth gear going up the hills .The Haltech tune had no mid range power , the mid range was rather flat .

We battled on the dyno to get any more than 18 psi out of the so called 400hp twin turbo set up, guaranteed to get me 30psi cause they where ball bearing turbos I was promised 30psi you see  , and got like 280kw . At full throttle caning the Nissan GTR it felt good ,strong . I had lost the snappiness , the instant get up and go of the standard computer but I had more up top now , the compromise I guess for wanting top end horsepower increase .

I ventured off again to Wakefield Park Raceway in Goulburn after getting the R32 Godzilla tuned again by a new Haltech tuning expert , the tune was better than before but still flat mid range.

I went out on a track day with other GTR Skylines and there was this father and son combo in a white Nissan Skyline R32 GTR they where driving around fast and smooth , they had just bought the car .

My problem is I drive my GTR like I stole it , the attessa system allows the skyline to be driven into a corner until it starts drifting with all four wheels, as long as you keep the sideways angle under 45 degrees you will go faster driving on the throttle pulling you out of the corner.Very entertaining and rewarding driving style .If I drive smooth , no sliding, keeping traction, my lap times are down by 3 seconds or more .

I came down the straight at wakefield raceway and caught the white Nissan Skyline just before he got to the apex of the corner , I overtook him on the outside in a four wheel powerslide.

Driving around back onto the main straight and bang , bang , bang the big eng bearing on number 6 crankshaft journal was spun . Another tow truck lift back home .

RB26 Engine Build Number 2 gone , RB26 Engine Build Number 3 coming up . Now it starts to get deeper . I think I want more power .



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GTR Skyline Engine Build Up

My First GTR Skyline Engine Build Up

What was my engine build goal , when you do a Skyline RB engine build up you must understand what you want to achieve

I had a fast car already , My GTR Skyline seemed faster than the average Nissan GTR around so I just wanted the same again with forged pistons to handle my extra turbo boost

Simple request . Job Done . Engine was built , nothing special all was good. I got invited to a cruise with some other Nissan Skylines , GTR , Toyota Supra some quick cars .

We head down to Macquarie Pass doing some speed heading , some guys driving a bit too fast , going  towards Albion Park I notice a stumble in the Standard GTR engine I look down at my engine temperature gauge and its off the scale , well over H .

I smelled oil burning at the same time I saw the temp gauge . I was just one km out of Albion Park so I decided to keep going as the damage was already done , bit stupid in hindsight as I cooked my new R32 engine to buggery

I pulled over in Albion Park and tried to add water to the standard radiator and it turned into a steam ship pumping out steam , instantly boiling the water.

I told all the boys to leave me , I will stay with the car and sleep in it overnight. It was that bloody cold I barely slept and put on my crash helmet to keep warm.

The morning arrived and I called my friend who had a workshop near by and we took the R32 GTR there.

I left it with them and told them to check it out replace what was need and call me.

They replaced the standard radiator with a new genuine nissan replacement as it had a split top tank , they put it in , took it for a drive and blew the new radiator , they didnt notice that the whole reason the radiator was stuffed in the first place was the standard clutch fan had one blade broken but still attached and when the engine revved it twisted into the nissan radiator , unbelievable yep they charged me for another new genuine radiator , a new clutch fan and labour to do the job again.

I got my Nissan GTR back again but the New RB26DETT was fried , overheated and stuffed

Rebuild number two was going to be special , the blown radiator caused my r32 airflow meters to ingest some water , so they where stuffed too


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R32 Skyline GTR Ceramic Turbos

The Day My Ceramic Turbos Left Me

I had just paid the toll , my left hand selected first and my brain just  may have selected neutral , easing off the clutch I banged 8400 rpm in first.

The R32 feels like it grows taller , lifting the body higher off the ground under full boost . Sink and into second gear 8400 rpm again . I repeat the gear changes till fourth gear 8400 rpm I just select fifth gear , full throttle and the boost just stops , no noise , no boost , no power , stranded at 250 km/hr . I panic with no power to run , I accept the consequences if need be , but there is nothing to be seen I take the off ramp and under the lights I see the smoke , oil smoke pouring out of the exhaust .

I limp home with my broken toy , The Godzilla Skyline is broken for the first time.

I had my my local mechanical workshop take off the R32 Skyline GTR Ceramic Turbos and the rear turbo was empty , no impellers front or back , disintegrated .

I decided upon the advice of everyone that the ceramic turbochargers needed to be replaced with steel and alloy impellers , so in went the Hi Flow Turbos from a reputable turbo centre .

6 months later these turbos failed as well , what the turbo centre had done was a dodgy rebuild grinding an oversized intake impeller to fit into a large housing and all the turbo balance was incorrect.

I was disgusted at the shoddy workmanship  and decided never to trust the good old ” Hi Flow” Technique again . I then bought two new turbos rated at 400 hp each .

Fitting up the new turbos promising 30psi boost they wouldnt boost past 15psi , the waste gate actuators where opening too soon ,so at another expense a set of adjustable arm wastegate controller actuators where fitted ,got to 22psi this time . With standard pistons on a standard GTR engine the boost controller failed and with not enough fuel I blew the engine , broke all the piston rings and ring lands

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GTR Coolant Temperature Sensor

I had the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR for a week and wondering why I got my Godzilla $10,000 under market price , well maybe it was because when it heated up to normal engine temperature it had a boost cut-out.

The car acted like it had a boost controller activating at 10psi boost and the rb26dett would shut down till it regained low boost again.

The standard rb26 ran fine at idle but I couldnt run decent boost , like over 10psi hot . So the hunt began , I noticed the temperature gauge had the lightest of movement .

The flicker of the needle in the temperature gauge made me look at the GTR Coolant Temperature Sensor at the front of the nissan engine and yes it was loose in the fitting where the spade terminal connected.

Once I replaced this engine temp sensor the GTR Skyline went like a bullet , I was a little suspicious of the 15,000kms on the odometer but who knows it was one very tidy Skyline .

The  Skyline engine had signs of orange silastic as if it had some engine work done on it , but nothing was really ever found.

I realised the importance of a nice tight fitting terminal on the rb engine and check it every time I have reason to be near that engine sensor again , it was also amazing the affect a little looseness of the top fitting had on the performance of the Nissan R32


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Standard R32 Skyline GTR

I had owned the Nissan Skyline GTS-T R32 for a couple of years when Steve ,who sold me the GTS , came into my work “Formaz Parts Plus” with the R32 Skyline GTR

Steve came up to me and said “take a look at this thing , its bullshit how well it goes”

I asked if I could drive it and he said “no” but he was selling it for $50,000 ,cheap I thought , the Australian Models where still selling for $70,000 I thought bargain.

I watched Steve drive off and couldnt stop thinking how well it looked in black and what it would be like to drive

That afternoon I rang my lease guy, Rob from corplease , he said “If you want it , get it ”

I rang Steve and said “Im coming up for a test drive , I have the money if I like it ”

After work I was on the door step asking for the keys

I remember driving up to an intersection and hitting the brakes and the big bodied Nissan Skyline GTR wasnt stopping , I applied the brakes harder and all of a sudden I was stopping like a demon with the big 4 piston caliper wrenching down the speed , i clipped the left hand apex and got on the throttle . Holy shit , boost straight on nice and hard ,the back kicked out sideways and I went up the road in second gear four wheels spinning just over the road surface grappling for grip but putting the power down at the same time , as if the attessa system just allows enough wheelspin to get maximum traction ,so it was sideways to the right slightly then sideways to the left slightly picked third gear and my steering corrections where easing but still moving ever so slowly left to right all under control , unbelievable feel and control . I WAS HOOKED . 50G later I was the proud owner of a Standard R32 Skyline GTR in black . Let the games begin .

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